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I might discontinue this site on soon..

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Epic Buttons:

 a button with microsoft logo and the FrontPage logo with a shine at background.  a button that is including a budgie and a text that says: Best viewed with a budgie.    a button that is firstly saying: Best viewed with: and the transition is included with the email text. a button that is displaying pacman and ghosts so pacman gets his food and eats the ghosts then after that classicgaming.net text shows up.  a button that is assosiated with linux. When saying up yours just isn't enough, you have to commit HOMICIDE!  a button with old windows logo and a text that says Epic on it. That's my button by the way!  a button that says web3 is not good at all. and i actually agree with it!  keep the web free, say no to web3!  a button with an S logo and a text that says: "School Sucks Forever!" and a red A+ text on it.         a dancing stickman and a text says: "RAVE Now!" 3.0  a button that includes "Weird Al" YANKOVIC Now! 3.0 on it.  a button with a big text that says: neocities.org and a small text says: the web is yours.  a button with the windows xp logo in the foreground (including text) and the default wallpaper, bliss, as the background.  a button with pixel art of a computer on the rightmost side. to the left of it is text reading: get a computer. in the background, behind this text in a cyan color, is text reading: now.  a button with the firefox logo on the leftmost side. to the right of it is text that reads: firefox now, and in the bottom right corner is a ribbon with the word new on it.  a button with pixel art of the earth on the leftmost side. to the right of the earth is text stating: world wide web, connecting people since 1991.  a button that says IrfanView and the logo


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First I added some popup windows, and a music 
player. Oh and also this Updates window! yeah.

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